3 Best Press Release Distribution Services, with Ultimate Guide to Choose the Best – SF Weekly

Why PR Newswire?

With more than 3000 media outlets, 550 news content systems, and 4000 websites, this PR service offers you the best network to distribute your press release. It also includes journalists and an exclusive media-only community that has above 20,000 visitors daily.

  • Optimize Content with Multimedia

Create an engaging content to boost customer attraction by optimizing rich visual content into your press releases. When you distribute your press release with embedded multimedia content, it will help you increase your visibility and engagement three times.

  • Better Insights into Your Performance

PR Newswire services give you actionable insights into your performance reports- visibility and customer engagement data.

Sound media coverage helps you in promoting your business to a new level. PR Newswire has the ability to generate more media pickup and connects your brand’s messages with its exclusive media community’s influential journalists.

  • Online Syndication to Attract Viewers

PR Newswire helps you in sharing your content with its online syndication network. This leading network includes prominent names like Yahoo Finance, Reader’s Digest, CNBC, New York Magazine, Newsweek, NewsNow, and Business Journals for attracting more viewers. When you post your press release through PR Newswire it will boost your brand visibility with two times more page views in comparison to the closest competitor.

How does it work?

Request a demo to understand its services. Sign up by filling the required details to distribute your high-quality press release across the trusted content distribution network.


  • State and Local
  • Regional and Top Markets
  • National
  • Select the package as per your requirement to distribute your press release


Press releases are the best way of promoting your business and making it reach across the audiences through wide network groups. But before selecting the press release distribution service, you need to consider certain factors. We have discussed various factors that you need to take into account while selecting the best press release distribution service. Consider all these points and then choose the service that fits your requirements. We have also discussed some of the best press release distribution services to make the selection process easier. 

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