5 Best Press Release Distribution Services in 2021

We narrowed down to the five best press release distribution services based on features, services, and value for price.

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Press coverage is one of the best ways to market a business. In fact, landing the right press can be instrumental in a business’ success. Of course, getting great press means getting your press release in front of the right people. You could spend countless hours finding the right journalists to pitch, or you could opt for a press release distribution service instead to ensure your pitch doesn’t land in a journalist’s trash—and instead, lands your business press.

With so many press release distribution services available, it can be tough to cut through the noise and find the best service for you. So we did the heavy lifting and we reviewed more than 30 of the top press release distribution services. We narrowed it down to the five best press release distribution services based on features, services, and value for price.

Best Press Release Distribution Services

Best for:

Reaching your target audience

Best for:

Reaching the right people in the right places

Best for:

Link building with guaranteed placements

Best for:

Professional writing services

Best for:

Data-driven marketing teams

Standout features:

Advanced targeting options

Syndication to 5,000+ outlets

Next-day distribution

Standout features:

Multilayer targeting

Two-tier editorial process ensures quality

Standout features:

Minimum 25 guaranteed placements

Premium outlets

Standout features:

Plans for $99

Professional writing service

Free proofreading

Standout features:

Comprehensive analytics data

Unlimited word count

eReleases: Best for Industry-specific PR Distribution

Businesses in niche areas will find


to be the best press release service as it offers top-rated, industry-targeting options. What’s unique about it is that editors write press releases that target journalists by industry, then distribute it to journalists who subscribe to receiving press releases from them. There you can rest assured that your press release won’t end up in any spam folder. It is best for businesses needing high-quality, highly targeted distribution.

Industry-specific targeting
It’s on the expensive side and embedding media costs an extra $150 to $200
All journalists in its contact database have registered to be a part of it, and thus want to receive your press release
Limited word count starting at just 400 words
Print, TV, radio, and digital distribution to 5,000+ outlets
Does not offer same-day distribution

Visit eReleases

eReleases Pricing & Features

eReleases’ press release distribution plans range from $299 to $599 per distribution. All plans offer over 5,000 syndication outlets, attached images, and next-day distribution. Depending on the plan, you get distribution for releases between 400 and 600 words, distribution to between 90 and over 150 sites, and between one and three targeted lists by industry and location.

Standout features include:

Highly targeted distribution

700,000 journalist and a 1.7 million-contact database to target

Minimum 400-word count

Syndication to over 5,000 websites, databases, online services, TV, radio, trade publications, and subscribing journalists

One to three targeting lists by industry and state

Analytics reporting (however, data is limited compared to competitors)

Option to attach two images for an additional fee

Next-day distribution

Guaranteed exposure on 90 to over 150 sites

Get your press release in front of the right audience for your specific industry by using



Newswire: Best for Target Distribution by Location & Industry

Starting at $199 per press release,


is a press release distribution and writing service provider that stands out by allowing you to easily and extensively target your press release by state, region, or national as well as by industry. As such, it is best for businesses needing to reach a specified industry within a set location.

Targeting by industry and location across 2,650+ outlets
No proofreading or editing available in basic plan
All plans include analytics reporting and multimedia embedding
Pricey compared to small business press release distribution competitors
Press release writing services available for an additional fee and a 72-hour turnaround

Visit Newswire

Newswire Pricing & Features

Newswire offers small business press release distribution plans ranging from $199 to $799 per press release. Their most basic Newswire Digital plan offers distribution to 250 daily media outlets, one industry list for targeting, analytics reporting, and multimedia embedding. Advanced plans offer over 2,650 outlets, state and social media distribution, two-tiered editorial process, and additional analytics reports.

Standout features include:

500-word press release distribution

250 daily-media outlets

Targeting by industry

Engagement analytics

Reports of where your press release was published

Multimedia attachments

Video embedding (available as an add-on)

Reach the right people in the right places to amplify your press release and gain the media attention using



PR Distribution: Best for Guaranteed Placements

PR Distribution

is a press release writing and distribution provider that stands out with guaranteed placements and by putting your press release in front of some of the biggest names in news for as little as just $99. This includes all major search engines as well as ABC, CBS, Fox, and their affiliates. As such, it is best for small businesses looking for an affordable and sure-fire way to build links and potentially land national press.

Competitive pricing as low as $99
Limited number of outlets compared to competitors
Plans include guaranteed placements
Relatively small maximum word count of 500
Distribution to premium national outlets like Fox, CBS, ABC, and their affiliates

Visit PR Distribution

PR Distribution Pricing & Features

PR Distribution plans range from $99 to $1,999 per distribution. Its entry-level press release distribution service includes 25 guaranteed press release placements (including search engines like Google and Bing, as well as TV and radio news outlets). Advanced plans offer 50 to 75 additional placements, a release SEO audit, a multitiered editorial process, and analytics reports you can download.

Standout features include:

Guaranteed placements in a minimum of 25 traditional and digital outlets

Maximum word count of 500 for its entry-level plan; unlimited for all other plans

National, regional, local, and industry targeting

The option to target up to five industries per press release distribution

Performance reports included

Social media distribution

Attached and embedded multimedia

Ability to add press release writing services for $99

Monthly and yearly plans for businesses that consistently use PR

Permanent press release hosting on PR Distribution

24/7 customer support

Submit your press release and start building links by choosing

PR Distribution


Send2Press: Best Value for Writing & Distribution Services

With plans starting at $99 per press release,


is one of the cheapest press release distribution services on the market. Send your press release out to a variety of high-quality distribution channels, from print and AP National to social media. Those who want a little help crafting their press release can take advantage of its professional writing service that’s available at an industry-low price of just $89.

Pricing as low as $99 including multimedia embedding and up to 800 words
No 24/7 customer service
Industry-low prices for professional press release writing services
Fewer syndication sites than some competitors
Direct-to-editor delivery in all plans to 6,500+ outlets

Visit Send2Press

Send2Press Pricing & Features

Send2Press offers plans ranging from $99 to $199 per distribution. The Standard Online plan includes 200 digital outlets, social media targeting, and an 800-word press release distribution. Subsequent plans offer between 800 and 6,500 outlets (including national and regional print magazines, TV, radio, and AP national or local bureau), and up to a 1,200-word press release distribution. Standard, Regional, and Distribution plans offer targeting by industry and location.

Standout features include:

Free social media campaigns

Analytics reports with engagement metrics

Free proofreading and AP style verification

Press release writing services available for $199; multiple draft versions to choose from and unlimited editing

Press release rewriting services for $89 to $199

Generous 800-word count for its lowest-priced plan

Multimedia embedding included for free

Either regional, industry, or social media targeting available; premium plans include all

Leave your press release in the hands of the experts, and get your press release written and distributed by



PRWeb: Best Distribution Service for Data-driven Teams


is a press release distribution service that stands out by offering comprehensive analytics and reporting on where your press releases are published. Reports are offered in real time and by email. This helps prove the impact of your press release and its value to your business. As such, PRWeb is best for businesses on tightly controlled budgets that need to ensure their press release investment helps them meet business goals.

Advanced real-time analytics reporting
Press release writing services are not offered
Competitively priced plans with unlimited word count
No regional targeting
Fast turnaround with its four-hour distribution service (for an additional $99)
Multimedia embedding is not available for entry-level plans

Visit PRWeb

PRWeb Pricing & Features

PRWeb’s small business distribution plans range from $99 to $389. Basic and Standard plans offer permanent placement on PRWeb and search engine optimization (SEO) tagging to reach the right audience. Higher-tiered plans further offer up to two industry lists for targeting, proofreading, and editorial feedback, 1,200-site syndication, and video and image embedding.

Standout features include:

Unlimited press release word counts

Placement on PRWeb and PR Newswire industry feeds

Search engine optimization (SEO) tagging

Real-time analytics reporting with advanced metrics tracking such as potential audience size, press release views, search visibility, multimedia engagement, click-through rates, traffic sources, and social media shares

Multimedia attachments

Write your press release without the limitations of a word count and get the most comprehensive performance data for your team by using



How We Evaluated Press Release Services

A great small business press release distribution service should allow small businesses to affordably send a release to an interested audience while employing features that allow them to stand out for a greater chance of coverage. For this reason, we reviewed press release distribution services based on everything from price, services, features, and inclusions to determine which provide the best service and value for small businesses.

The criteria we used to evaluate the best include:

Small business budget-friendly price

Number of outlets

Audience targeting capabilities and options

Maximum press release word count

Allowed multimedia inclusions and formats

Press release proofreading, editing, and writing services

Press release publishing, tracking, and analytics reporting

If you’re just getting started with press, the best press release distribution service for you that includes affordable press release writing and distribution services is


. If you don’t need help writing your press release, go with


to ensure your press release reaches the right people, and lands your business in the press.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does it cost to issue a press release?

It’s entirely possible to issue a press release for free on your own or by using a

free press release distribution

service. However, many businesses opt for premium distribution services for added—if not guaranteed—exposure. The best press release services cost around $99 to $300 per release, and many offer subscription plans for deep discounts for businesses that consistently use press as part of their marketing strategy.

What are the pros & cons of using a press release distribution service?

Press release distribution services are great for dispersing your press release to sometimes thousands of outlets at a time. Many offer the ability to target your press release by industry and location, helping to ensure you reach your intended audience on a large scale. On the other hand, while it’s time-consuming to hand-pick journalists, it can help you reach highly targeted outlets as well as build a network and build relationships.

How do I send a press release?

There are a few ways to send a press release, from sending it manually to using a press release distribution service. While it can be great to deploy both strategies, many businesses (large and small) opt for a professional press release distribution service because it’s the easiest and fastest way to

send a press release

and land publicity at very affordable prices of as little as $99.

Bottom Line

A press release distribution service offers small businesses a means to disseminate a press release before a targeted audience of bloggers, influencers, journalists, and traditional and digital outlets. We evaluated more than 30 distribution services to help you weed through the options and find the best press release service for you. Since reaching the right journalists is the key to landing the best publicity, we recommend


to the average small business.

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